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Free Skype Credits Generator 2014 Direct Download

Skype Credits Generator 2014

Skype Credit Generator will generate any amount of Skype Credit for you! You can add up to 100$ credit to your account with one use of Skype Credit Generator! You can find out more details about our program in the following text. This tab is part of our skype hack tool. With this tool you can get free credits but also you can hack someone’s skype password. So it’s 2 in 1. I hope that you will enjoy in this one.

Why is Skype so popular and important service?

The reason behind Skype popularity rising over the years is that using this program provided cheap and efficient alternative to using phone, and that difference was even more obvious when it came to international, so called long distance calls. In fact, Skype was so successful in replacing phone services for long distance calls that in some countries telephone companies tried to ban its use or at least limit the use of internet. In one ex-Yugoslavia country national phone company tried to ban voice over IP service, later tried to trace the uses of Skype and ban the users. They even tried to blackmail internet provider companies in that country so they would spy on their customers and report all users of Skype or any other voice over IP program. Eventually they gave up after becoming internet provider itself. But it seems like they predicted the future of this program. Starting from year 2005, Skype held around 3% market for international calls. This percentage slowly risen and by the end of 2010 it was around 13%. After Microsoft got hold of Skype and this service, international calls market share went sky high and hit 34% in next two years. At this moment, wireless internet coverage almost equals phone networks coverage in urban areas, and with mobile platforms so easily accessible, Skype became cheap and superb alternative to any phone call.

What are Skype Credits?
Skype credits are bought with real money and used for many different purposes. Main uses for Skype credits include:

  1. Calling mobiles and landline phones all over the world for low cost.
  2. Sending SMS messages with prices as low as few cents for a message.
  3. Forwarding Calls to mobile or landline phones.
  4. Access to Wireless hotspots all over the world for use with Skype.
  5. Buying your own Skype number or a subscription.

Skype credits can be bought using real money. Several payments options are included:

  1. Online payment via credit card or PayPal.
  2. Adding credits directly from the Skype service through your account.
  3. Buying Skype credit vouchers in different values from participating stores.
  4. Using third party programs for free credits, like Skype Credit Generator below


VERSION: 2.0.2
FILE SIZE: 158.93 KB


Unlimited Credit
Proxy Support
No Personal details
Anti-Ban Protection


1)Open The Hack.
2) Select Credit Amount.
3) Detect your Browser.
4) Select Proxy and Anti-Ban.
5)Press “Add Skype Credit”.
6) Enjoy Hack/

How Skype Credits Generator Works

How To Skype Credits Generator


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